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Prelaunch Bonus

CyberRewards is getting ready to launch!!



We've partnered with the Worlds best small business managed security provider CyberSmart to start accelerating your Cybersecurity journey today.

Whilst we get ready, we don't want to slow down your Cybersecurity journey to improve.


Use CyberSmart to say hello to 24/7 protection from cyber threats, with no need for expensive tools, consultants or an in-house team.

Use the details below to take advantage of this prelaunch Bonus offer and we'll stay in touch with you.

CyberSmart First User Free!

Simply fill in and submit the form*. We'll send you an email with the details of the CyberSmart team with the "first user free" deal exclusive to the CyberRewards prelaunch.


We'll Update You on the Launch

Take advantage of this CyberSmart offer and then sign up to CyberRewards** after we launch and you'll get an additional bonus of 1000 CyberRewards Points!

* When you fill in this form you will subscribe to updates from 

** When you purchase a Yearly or Premium -Yearly subscription. Not available with a monthly subscription.

For more details on CyberRewards terms and conditions visit: 

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