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Cybersecurity Predictions for Small Business in 2021

Predictions, few words have the power to provoke such extreme human emotions when it comes to weather, politics, health, stock market and sport.

2020 was such a rocky, uncertain, and emotional year what with the Coronavirus pandemic affecting the whole globe.

Working from home became the “new normal”.

The future is a strange place, filled with fear and anxiety. We presume it will look like now apart from the different bits and pieces.

When it comes to cybersecurity predictions, what does 2021 hold for us?

Most of us would agree that cyber threats will either remain the same or get worse.

You can argue that it isn’t so much as a prediction but more of a trend.

In reality, things will only get worse. There will be more…

• Ways to trick us in becoming a cyber victim.

• More ways for us to fall prey to nasty scams.

• More ways for us to be ransomed. 

• More ways for us to be blackmailed. 

• More ways for us to be fleeced from our hard-earned money.

• More ways for our personal information and business data to be stolen.

The question I hear you asking then…

What are the greatest threats coming for 2021?

What thinking, approach, and preparation should I consider that will be most important to help me mitigate these threats?

This is what this report is all about. It’s a report dedicated to small business.

It’s a report to help you navigate the online threats with confidence.

It’s a report to help you navigate the Coronavirus period and all associated threats.

It’s a report to help you get prepared and ready.

And the best part of it … is that there are many ways that you and your organisation can benefit by studying these predictions and implementing recommendations that we have outlined.

Download the Cybersecurity Predictions for Small Business in 2021 today using the download button below.

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